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Training Moderation & Facilitation

Promoting creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration

Creative & Strategic Thinking

Do you need to start thinking out of the box? Sometimes called ‘blue-sky thinking', these workshops are designed to leave the well-trodden paths and immerse participants in cognitive, physical or sensory environments that force them to see beyond their current horizons and explore new visions. Each workshop is carefully designed for each individual client so that the experiential drives the creativity.

Global Café

The global cafe technique is used in a variety of settings, including brainstorming sessions or strategic planning meetings and conversations.


The Global Café encourages collaboration while generating a diversity of opinions and ideas. By encouraging participants to share their expertise and experience, this workshop assists in revealing new insights and identifying creative solutions.

Design Critique

The presentation of a design to peers, stakeholders or users to gain feedback and recommendation for improvement. This technique supports the design process ensuring that the design satisfies the needs of users and stakeholders.

Empathy Mapping

The process of creating a visual representation of a user's needs, desires, and behaviours in order to better understand their point of view and design solutions that meet their needs.

Brainstorming & Ideation

A technique for quickly and objectively generating a large number of ideas. This can stimulate creativity and generate a wide range of potential solutions.


A visual storytelling technique used to investigate various scenarios and user journeys. It entails producing a set of sketches or photographs that depict crucial moments in a user's interaction with a product or service.

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