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Dr Jonathan Newman CMRS

Are you looking for qualitative or quantitative research that gets inside your target audience and provides you with the insights you need?

“I am a social anthropologist and market research consultant who has been a professional researcher for over two decades, but I have been interviewing people since I was a child.

While other children were playing football, I was trying to ask them questions about how they felt playing football. I realise it is a strange quirk but, in this line of work, it means I am very good at my job.

Over time, I have developed an enthusiastic, empathic curiosity – I need to understand people, to understand why they are who they are and how that affects their attitudes and behaviour.

This approach allows me to uncover what your messaging, products and services mean to people - how and why they receive and use your company -  and what you need to do to improve their experience.”


  • Certified Member of the Market Research Society

  • Company Partner of the Market Research Society

  • Member of The Independent Consultants Group

  • Member of the Association of Social Anthropologists


  • DPhil in Social Anthropology

  • MSc Social Research Methods

  • MA in Anthropology of Conflict, Violence and Conciliation

Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Teaching

Material Culture; Design and User Experience; Qualitative Research Methods, Economic Anthropology; Conflict, Violence and Peace; Power and Politics; Gender and Sexuality; Religion and Ritual; Sensory Anthropology; Business Anthropology

Main Publications

  • 2020 COVID‐19 and competitive markets of securitisation. Social Anthropology 28(2), 327-328.

  • 2020 A constructive role for social science in the development of automated vehicles. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 6. Cohen, Newman

  • 2020 Anthropology is Companion Studies: A study of violent relations during fieldwork with my family Ethnography 21 (4) 

  • 2017 Transgression and economy during drug reform. Chapter in:  Adams, C. et. al. (eds.) Breaking Convention. Strange Attractor, London, pp. 205-216. 

  • 2013 Safeguarding political guarantees in the Colombia peace process: Have Santos and FARC learnt the lessons from the past? Third World Quarterly Vol.34 (5) Gomez-Suarez, Andrei and Newman, Jonathan   

  • 2012 Psychosocial care for persons affected by emergencies and major incidents: a Delphi study to determine the needs of professional first responders for education, training and support. Emergency Medicine Journal.  Drury, J., Newman, al. 

  • 2012 Reflections in the Classroom: Learning to Market Education. Teaching Anthropology (RAI) 1(2) pps. 44-55 

Other Publications

  • 2018 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour funds glioblastoma clinical trial. Health Europa Quarterly (5). Newman, J and Lay, T

  • 2016 Increasing the Resilience of Society City Security, Winter (62). pp. 9-11.

  • 2016 [Book Review] Charlotte Walk-Said & John D Kelly, eds. (2015) Corporate social responsibility? Human rights in the new global economy. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 22 (4). pp. 994-995.

  • 2016 Why Colombia voted ‘no’ to peace with FARC. The Conversation, The New Statesman, The i, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • 2016 Violent Conditions. Longberry, 1 (2). pp. 15-22.

  • 2013 An (unintentional) façade of democratic debate. BACUP - British Academics for a Colombia Under Peace.

Selected Conference Papers and Talks

  • 7th Nov 2019 'Addiction and the market: Working practices and the marketization of addiction treatment - Analytical and methodological approaches in the study of the addiction treatment markets',  Invited symposium speaker for Society for the Study of Addiction Annual Conference, Newcastle

  • 20th May 2019 - 'What is the Future of Sustainable Coffee?' - Sussex Sustainability Research Programme, University of Sussex

  • 7th December 2018 - 'Ethics in Cannabis Markets and Legislation', International Cannabis Policy Conference, Vienna

  • 14th Sept 2017, ‘The Human Terrain of Terror, Resilience, and Sustainable Security Markets’, DSEI, ExCel, London

  • 2nd March 2017 – ‘Rethinking Narratives of Farming and Ethical Trade‘, UCL, London

  • 22nd Feb 2017 – ‘The promotion of science in health markets’ – University of Kent 

  • 12th Dec 2016 – ‘How do we imagine peace in Colombia?'– University of Bath

  • 16th Sept 2015 – ‘New Cannabis Markets’ – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Lisbon

  • 1st June 2015 – ‘Security Solutions: The purpose and limits of resilience’, UCL, London

  • 21st Aug 2014 – ‘Anthropologies of coffee farming in Colombia’, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia

  • 1st Dec 2012 – ‘Ethical trading and coffee farming in Colombia’, CIDC, University of Cambridge

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