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Deep Research is a team of specialised researchers with many years of experience in commercial, social, political and academic research.

We know how to produce robust, evidence-based, qualitative and quantitative research and work with our clients to develop a research design that reflects their project goals.

We provide a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, producing insightful and user-friendly reports for the client, so they have a clear view of their consumers’ needs.

Population sample of people walking across a busy street

Meet the Team

Using our academic and professional networks we can bring in experts who deliver to your specialist need.

The person behind the company

Dr Jonanthan Newman CMRS

“I am a social anthropologist and market research consultant who has been a professional researcher for over two decades, but I have been interviewing people since I was a child.

While other children were playing football, I was trying to ask them questions about how they felt playing football. I realise it is a strange quirk but, in this line of work, it means I am very good at my job.

Over time, I have developed an enthusiastic, empathic curiosity – I need to understand people, to understand why they are who they are and how that affects their attitudes and behaviour.

This approach allows me to uncover what your messaging, products and services mean to people - how and why they receive and use your company -  and what you need to do to improve their experience.”

Current Partnerships

Using our academic and professional networks we can bring in experts who deliver to your specialist need.

Dr Gwen Burnyeat

Assistant Professor,
University of Edinburgh

As a political anthropologist, I am intrigued by a number of factors shaping not just opinions but strong generational passions. I am currently involved in research projects talking to people about "polarisation" and seeing the nuances and complexities of what they really believe.


For Deep Research, I have provided consultation and moderation on political emotional analysis, political storytelling methods, digital ethnography, social media analysis and political discourse analysis.'


Lydia Beauvais

‘As an Organisational Psychologist with a passion for Quant, I like exploring the data – why does this work this way, why does this product or service work (or not), why is something successful or not – then you know what areas need improving.


For Deep Research, I have focused on data analysis, quantitative projects, developed surveys, and written reports. I also bring methods and theories from Psychology to help improve results for the clients.’

Tim Lay

'As a journalist, published author and creative media consultant, I have been reporting on the lives, feelings and habits of people for many years. 


For Deep Research, I’ve told brand stories created evidence-based personas & archetypes and built narratives which evoke emotion and project personality. I also work on reports to ensure that the depth of insight is user-friendly and well understood.'

Our Areas of Expertise

The Deep Research team draws on a depth of experience in academia, business and creative media to provide clients with a complete package of qualitative and quantitative market research, delivering actionable results and engaging reports

Deep Research would love to talk to you about the questions that you want answered.

Telephone Number:  +44 07897 200929

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