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Deep Research


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Focus Beyond Appearances

Are you looking for qualitative or quantitative research that gets inside your target audience and provides you with the insights you need?

How well do you know your customers?

How are your customers, users or clients responding to your services and products? And how will they respond to your planned innovations and communications? What do you need to know about their experiences and perspectives, for instance, how do you address their needs and resolve their pain points? To learn more about our market research services, please contact us today.

Deep Research is a Company Partner at the Market Research Society
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Areas of Expertise

The Deep Research team draws on a depth of experience in academia, business and creative media to provide clients with a complete package of qualitative and quantitative market research, delivering actionable results and engaging reports

Companies like Amazon, Douwe Egberts, Flora, and Hyundai use Deep Research to find out how customers interact with their messaging, products and services and provide insights which builds brand and drives efficient growth.

Moderation &
In-Depth Interviews

‘Beware clients holding their own “insight sessions” with “consumers”. It’s useful to a point. But it’s not the same as employing a trained, experienced researcher’

Binet & Carter ‘how not to plan –

66 ways to screw it up’


Find out what your customers need and find out why they need it. 


Good moderation is more than reading out questions. High-quality discussion produces high-quality data. Expertise comes from many years of training, practice and feedback.


Done correctly, moderation provides sincere respondent output and delivers authentic insights.

A Little bit about
Deep Research

As a small company, we provide a personal service with genuine, intelligent dialogue with clients. Although we may not have the bells and whistles of larger operators, we do deliver great results.

We draw on partnerships to bring you specialised researchers with many years of experience in commercial, social, political and academic research. 

We welcome conversations about your project goals and how we can help you.

We are proud to be a Market Research Society Company Partner.

About the person
behind the company

As a social anthropologist and market research consultant, I have a lens to understand people, to ask insightful questions and to employ robust methodologies.


I set up the company because I love the research process and find satisfaction through helping people.

My company has core values: 

  • We always give our best. 

  • We operate with kindness, respect and understanding.

  • With love, gratitude and joy, we can build a better world.


Good research with good values makes great work!

                Dr Jonathan Newman, CMRS

Who we work with

Corporate clients are not the only people to value our services. SMEs and NGOs, such as Loop, Zap and Refugee Support Europe, use Deep Research to reveal valuable insights into their customers, points of leverage and service design, showing them how to improve user experience.

Deep Research has worked on projects for Uber

Testing experiences and sentiments around the app to improve user-centred design that addresses customers’ needs

Primary Research Methods:

Focus group moderation and in-depth Interviews

Deep Research has worked on projects for Pico

Testing responses to different formats of VR

Primary Research Methods:

Focus groups run while respondents are interacting inside VR worlds, A/B testing, product testing

Deep Research has worked on projects for Natwest

Exploring consumer understanding of the service provision, how that affected consumer interaction with the app and testing options around its usability

Primary Research Methods:

In-depth interviews, UI testing, A/B testing

Deep Research has worked on projects for Refugee Support Europe

In-depth review of operations in Moldova to provide an impact report and internal management report

Primary Research Methods:

Rapid ethnography, in-depth interviews

Deep Research would love to talk to you about the questions that you want answered.

Telephone Number:  +44  07897  200 929

Thanks for submitting!

Population sample of people walking across a busy street

Always exploring why

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